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Solvan “Slick” Naim is an Award winning Algerian-American rapper, hip hop and R&B Artist from Brooklyn, New York.  He created, wrote, produced and starred in the Emmy nominated Netflix comedy “It’s Bruno!”  Slick has been unstoppable in Film as well as Television, a Director, Writer and Actor.

Slick's talent in Hip-hop, Rap and R&B, is not a hobby, but part of who he is, and is part of everything he does. Slick has four albums, over 15 music videos, and over 70 songs - always writing his own lyrics which are inspiring and powerful filled with  his life goals and his lessons of hard work and determination with an emphasis on love and family as his driving force.


One listen to his most recent released album  “In The Vault” certainly confirms the previous statement. The rapper appears to have reached an apex in this latest solo output, with his craftsmanship and melodic tone.


His music is personal and sophisticated with lyrics and verses radiating hypnotic confidence. Like all his songs, they give insight into Slick's life, as he feels blessed with opportunities, but undeniably unpacks his lyrical themes with a sense of focus on his love of music and his continued optimism that he can excel in the music world as well as in his other careers in Entertainment.   


In his previous album- "Came For It All", Slick exudes confidence throughout the album and his songs are a mantra for individual perseverance in the wake of criticism to stick to only one craft.


Slick started conquering the hip-hop world  in his first award winning film at 22 years old "Full Circle" as his rap debut in the soundtrack.


After his 2019 cinematic music clip “Aw Man,” he  released his first album entitled, "Proof of Concept" which was his first stand alone album with popular party hit "Turnt Tonight" and fan favorites "Myself" and "Coming For Blood". 






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