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HOOK (x2)


I want my own

I’m dignified

and I work 10 to 5 

I want my own

I’m sick and tired

I ain’t never been this hot

I want my own

Don’t want this spot

Thinking I’m finding to slide 

I want my


Really need my


I want my own




S l i c  K touch down

And my flow still rawer

Then them dubs uptown

(Dubs uptown)


Talk your shit

Till your luck run out

And they pull your towel

(Pull your towel)


Don’t you come at me tho

I put your girlfriend

Straight to sleep tho

(Sleep bitch)


Come with the heat tho

You don’t want to see me eat

That’s bitter-sweet tho 


But I do confess

Got a bad ass wife

Look like sun- sets


In Costa Rica,

Don’t pack ya things

Up bitch


I ain’t done yet 

Won’t lie

Like to chill back smoke la

I don’t need a whole lot

We gon pop

Like a shook can of cola

It’s about time

I get my own now    


HOOK (x2)


I want my own

I’m dignified

And I work 10 to 5 
I want my own

Producer of beats: Higher Entertainment
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