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Coming For Blood
(feat. Break Out The Crazy)

Break out the Crazy- Katya Diaz

You can run but you just can’t hide

He’s the devil but he’s in disguise

Change your fate

Change your name in vain

Cuz he’s coming for you just the same


And he always say the same ole line

What is yours is mine is mine

And he ain’t afraid to cross the line

And you never know

When it’s your time

But it still ain’t your time


They want more so they coming for blood

They want war so they coming for blood


There coming for blood
Slick Naim

A yo they coming for blood

But why they coming for us

Man, I don’t know to trust

I really wish it wasn’t true but it was

And they ain’t no one to bluff

and there ain’t no where to run


Ain’t a way I couldn’t warn you enough

They on a task got the mask got the gloves

They don’t listen man they do what they want

If you known than I’m sure you would run

My mama told me it’s a cold world

She wasn’t lying I’m replying yeah That’s for sure

Oh word 

It got me messing with my own nerves

I feel the heat on both sides like a toaster

Oh word

They stand out like they tattooed up

But see they hide real good 

So I don’t know where to look


They eyes red and yeah they all want blood

They want it to flow like water coming out the bathroom tub


What’s up?

You wanna attack me, what’s up?

You making threats

You wanna come get

All of my family what’s up?

You planning to catch me what’s up?

You trying to stress me what’s up?

You think I’m fleeing I ain’t got reasons 

Come on and test me what’s up?

Ain’t no mercy or love

Did somebody curse me No luck

My mind is veering I cant clear it man I might just go nuts 

There coming for blood


Producer of beats: Encore
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